“I have never been keen on food in the mornings! I know the facts – am health conscious – and in the past have been more likely to grab a banana as I race out the door.  ‘Better than nothing’  I would tell myself. Then – purely by accident I would have to say – I was staring at the Gluten Free foods in my local supermarket and your brand basically jumped off the shelf and into my arms.  I am converted!  Not only do I have breakfast every single day; I now look forward to it!  It is such a treat to start my day with your product.  I enjoy it so much, it’s healthy and I don’t get hungry until lunchtime.  I LOVE IT!  I am just back from the shops with an armful of the different selections and looking forward to my mornings ahead. Thank you and I wish you every success!”  – Jocelyn

“I just wanted to thank you for making a really great breakfast cereal! Your muesli (particularly the liver cleansing one) really stands out from other cereal products on the market, being so low in sugar, high in fibre, oats, nuts and seeds & so natural & still tasty! I also love that it is Australian made & owned. Being a type one diabetic who often has very annoying spikes in blood glucose levels after breakfast for no good reason, I am very glad to be able to buy a breakfast cereal that can facilitate a lower spike, especially when I don’t always have time to make my own. Thank you. Please, please, please continue making and selling this product and others like it!”  – Karen

“I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much I love the Clusters! The ingredients, the taste, texture and how good it is nutritionally. There is nothing else on the market like it, and I have been having it everyday now for about a year, and I look forward to breakfast everyday because of you! So thank you!! Its the first cereal I’ve found that’s not overloaded with sugar, is gluten free and tastes amazing! Wishing you all the luck with your business and I hope you continue to make great cereal!” – Cassandra


“Just wanted to send you an email on not only mine, but my families overall satisfaction with your products. All of your products are amazing and I wanted to share my appreciation with you- So thanks and congratulations for producing and delivering great quality cereals, bars and snacks! Please keep it up.” – Jill


“Hi Narelle, Just want to let you know what a great product you have developed. I used to make up my own muesli, as most commercial products are  heavily sugar & salt laden….awful. I use the Liver cleaning muesli with yoghurt & berries & it keeps me going for hours. I have it every day but usually add a spoonful of organic oats to bulk it up & make it go further. It’s so hard to compete with the Big Guns in retail,well done & congratulations.” – Judy


“These bars are a wonderful nutritional addition to a busy day at school. I’m a secondary HPE teacher and am often on the run between the pool, tennis courts and classrooms so it’s so lovely and positive that I know I’m fuelling my body with the right types of nutrients and delicious tasting healthful bars such as food for health bars!”– Judy


“Hi, I have been purchasing your bars and Fruit Free Clusters for a while and I want to say how much i love your product so yummy and makes me feel good that I am eating so healthily keep up the great work and congrats on the yumminess!”– Leanne


“I just wanted to say thank you for your delicious products. My husband and I have been thoroughly enjoying the muesli and being runners, we enjoy it for breakfast on porridge & overnight oats as well as sprinkling some as a touch of crunch on our natural yoghurt! So good!  We are quite fussy with our food as we eat as close to the ‘natural food’ as we can. We like that your products are all Australian owned and made and that they are relatively natural and contain less sugar than many others on the market. Your products have been great both pre and post workouts. So thanks again.” – Emma


“I just wanted to send a quick email telling you that your cereal ‘blueberry, vanilla & teff muesli’ is unbelievable! I just recently found out I have IBS and noticed your cereal is fodmap friendly. I normally don’t enjoy any kind of cereal/muesli but this one is so yummy that I look forward to eating it in the morning. Can’t wait to try the rest of your range.” – Ally