Q: Where can I buy your products?

A: Our products are available in both Coles and Woolworths in the Health Food Aisle.Costco ranges our Cacao & vanilla bars and also our Almond & Chia bars.You will also find our products in all good independent supermarkets and health food stores.

Q: Can I order your products on line?

A: Yes, head over to our on line shop. We ship anyway in Australia with a flat shipping charge of $10

Q: Is the fruit in your products SULPHUR FREE?

A: Yes. All the fruit we use in our range is Sulphur free.

Q: Which of your products are Fructose Free?

A: Fruit free Clusters, Fruit free bars, The liver Cleansing Muesli, Almond and Chia bars, Cinnamon Bars,

Q: Which of you products are FODMAP approved?

A: All of our products are FODMAP approved, expect our Gluten free Muesli and Cranberry Bars.

Q: Which products of yours are Gluten free?

A: All products are gluten free except: The Liver Cleansing Muesli, Fibre Cleanse Muesli, Cacao bars and the Almond & Chia bars.

Q: How do I eat the Liver Cleansing Muesli?

A: You can enjoy the Liver Cleansing Muesli as a normal muesli with any type of Milk or yoghurt you like. We love the Liver cleansing muesli as a bircher style muesli. Head over to our recipe page to find out how to make it.

Q: I am interested in blogging or instagraming Food for Health Products, what should I do?

A: Please contact us [email protected] and we will happily discuss collaborations with you.

Q: Is Narelle, your founder interested in speaking at an event?

A: Yes, Narelle is interested in speaking at an event. Please contact us at [email protected] to book Narelle for your next business or charity event.

Q: What do you bind your bars with?

A: We only use rice bran syrup (excluding Our cranberry bar where we also use honey). Unlike other muesli bars we do not bind our bars with cheap glucose. We use a fructose free high grade brown rice syrup to bind our bars.

Q: How Should I store your muesli?

A: Once opened we store our muesli in an air tight container.