Meet my new bestie: Bacteria!


Meet my new bestie: Bacteria!

Just like our bestie, we can’t live without our friendly bacteria. Unfortunately, our relationship with them is under enormous threat. Anti-biotics, processed foods, lack of dietary fibre and overuse of antibacterial cleaning products reduce our happy and necessary colonies of gut friendly bacteria. This threatens the equilibrium of good and bad bacteria in our digestive systems.

Bacteria in our gut, or the microbiome, have been linked to a healthy immune system, better digestion, improved absorption of nutrients and reduced allergies. There have even been findings linking certain bacteria to better weight loss.

The great news is that we can protect this internal buddy and even increase its strength by doing a few simple things. Eating lots of fibre, reducing sugary processed foods and avoiding anti-biotics, where possible, is a good start.

Include fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut and yoghurt as well as nuts in your diet to boost good gut bacteria and supplement your diet with probiotics during times of ill health and medication use. Replace harsh antibacterial cleaning products with products that are better for the environment and you because this friend is one we can’t afford to lose.


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