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cacao vanilla & chia bars
cinnamon, hazelnut & chia bars
coconut almond & chia bars
12x cacao, vanilla & chia bars - 12x coconut, almond & chia bars
cranberry apple & amaranth bars
chia & almond fruit free bars

About Food For Health

Food for Health has grown since inception in late 2005 into a trusted recognised brand in the health food category throughout Australia.
Founded by myself, a naturopath, the business grew from my patient’s needs and overall outcomes from their treatments.

I created 2 muesli’s recipes for my patients to take home and incorporate them into their dietary plan. The results my patients received were amazing, so I decided to launch Food for Health onto a larger market.

Food for Health grew in a short period of time, from a door to door muesli business, selling to health food stores, café’s and small independent supermarkets to a multi-million dollar business selling

To Coles, Woolworths, Costco, airlines and also exporting to over 10 countries.

Food for Health as a company is passionate about supporting Australian farmers and packaging suppliers. We are proud to be Australian owned and made.

All of our products are created with our motto in mind:
"We are passionate about health, for everyone". I am proud of my little Aussie company, and its people like you that enable me to do what I love, so thank you, I truly care about your health.

Narelle xxx

About food for health

Take a look at our brand new identity!

At Food for Health we have unveiled our new logo and look. You will see this rolling out onto shelves over the next few weeks.

So why have we changed our look?

Our business has evolved significantly over the last 10 years and we are forever listening to our customers and investing more time into understanding what they want from us.

Our old logo served us well but we have grown up and we are no longer a crazy start up business, flying by the seat of our pants!

We are an established producer of delicious healthy food products and we support people on their own personal health journeys with food they can trust.

So why the heart?

There is no right or wrong with brand identity. We looked at a number of different options but we fell in love with the heart as it encompasses all that we are about and do at Food for Health.

We love our customers, we love our products, we love what we do and we make "good for you" products with love that you can trust and enjoy (or even love!)

Our core values at Food for Health are: Passion, honesty, communication, happiness, innovation & accountability.

We live and breathe each of these every day and we believe our new logo is all of that and more.
We love sharing the love (clearly!) so we hope you love our new identity.

Food For Health
Food For Health is proudly Australian owned & made.
Our delicious product range is available in the health food aisle of stores.
Costco Woolworths Coles Drake Thomas Dux IGA


PO Box 437, Black Rock, Victoria, Australia 3193
[email protected]
Ph: 1300 881 277 Fax: 1300 881 217