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    Kids - Yoghurt Bites Strawberrry

    Do you have a fussy kid at your place? These bites are made with real fruit and are a healthy snack for your little cherub... they won't say no to these!

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    Muesli - Liver Cleansing

    This muesli was where Food for Health all began... we love you Liver Cleansing muesli! You're the best!

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    Muesli - Fibre Cleanse

    A high fibre mix of organic oats, psyllium, linseeds, oat bran and almonds! That's sure to keep you moving!

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    Muesli - Fruit Free Clusters

    Our clusters are here to make life that little bit easier for people with gluten and fructose intolerence. Scrumptious nutty cinnamon flavour! Yummo!

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    Bars - Cranberry

    Keep one in your handbag or on your desk, they are a perfect gluten free, guilt free snack enjoyed any time of the day!

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    Bars - Fruit Free Bars

    Packed full of healthy stuff, like millet and chia and bound with rice bran syrup and not glucose... they are the perfect guilt and fruit free snack! Yummo!

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    Kids-Fruit Filled Banana Snack Bars

    These little goodies have the "Jack" seal of approval, so we're sure your little one will love them too.

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    Kids-Fruit Filled Apple Snack Bars

    Delicious nut free snacks for your little one! Great for school lunch boxes, as they are school canteen approved!

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    Love chocolate? Have Gluten intolerance? These little bites are a delicious snack for any age! Go on; bet you can't stop at just one!!!

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    Gluten Free Muesli

    Packed full of yummy cranberries, apples and whole grains like amaranth, rice bran and buckwheat, it is the perfect way to start your day!

Food For Health

Hi I’m Narelle and I’m a Naturopath, founder of Food for Health and mum, to beautiful Jack.

I developed 2 mueslis for my patients to incorporate into their meal plans and the results were amazing! So in late 2005 I launched Food for Health. In 7 short years we’ve grown, making even more great foods for you and your kids – all created to support people with specific dietary issues and designed to improve your health. 

The best thing is each day I get to work with my fabulous team and make a difference in people lives. This makes me smile every day.

Try our foods and I think you’ll smile too.